Produkcja siatek Fixed Knot

Fixed knot forest mesh and Z-posts - Farmmesh

Produkcja siatek Fixed Knot

It was created by the current owners of the company who have been successfully running the company to this day. They didn’t stop at the first idea. Machines are constantly modernized so that their operation is fast and safe. In 2019, a production plant in Żużela started its operation, where Cravat-Lock® (Fixed knot) forest mesh and Z-posts for forest mesh are produced.

Produkcja siatek Fixed Knot

From the first day of operation, we managed to enter the following markets: German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish and, of course, Polish. It was the year in which a new chapter in the company’s life began.

“We are a company where respect and honesty have always played an important role. We want it to stay that way. We want to do a lot of good for everyone connected with our company and for those who trusted us.”

Our company's mission is to produce the best nets (fixed knot) and posts on the market

From the very beginning, we have been providing products tailored to the requirements of our clients. We make sure to provide nodal meshes with parameters appropriate for the purpose. Our meshes are characterized by:

  • resistance to weather conditions
  • protection against mechanical damage
  • little interference in the natural environment

In addition to Cravat-Lock® forest nets, we also sell Z-posts with special hooks for quick installation

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Produkcja siatek Fixed Knot

Our products

Fixed knot mesh from Farmmesh

Animals, forests, farmlands and many other objects deserve to be protected by the most effective and safest knotted mesh in the world. Cravat-Lock® (Fixed-Knot) forest net is the best choice possible.

Designed to protect against animals, it is also the safest net for animals. The vertical and horizontal wire are completely intact, which makes it practically impossible for the animal to break its structure.

The knot, on the other hand, will not become untangled and will not become dangerous for the animal. It is also a non-sliding knot, which means that the net will retain its structure for many years despite direct meetings with even the largest game.

"Z" post from Farmmesh

Profiling in the “Z” post makes it very durable and resistant to bending. This post is made for quick installation of forest / highway netting.

The hooks on the post enable a very quick installation of the net and its immediate protection against slipping. You just need to bend the hook to keep the net in place.

The biggest advantages of the product:

  • quick assembly of the pole to the ground
  • hooks every 10 cm, even along the entire length of the post
  • an easy, quick and intuitive way to secure the net by bending the hooks easily
  • a thick layer of zinc on the material it is made of gives the post a long life

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Effective protection against animals and large selection of mesh sizes - Fixed knot

Check out our types of nets and ask for details by contacting us at the telephone number shown.

The strongest and safest knotted mesh in the world

Spacing of horizontal wires and its quantity to be agreed.

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